Apps that make you go “oooooooo” – Design edition


Following on from the Figma discussion a few weeks ago, where we talked about the pros of using apps like Figma in your design workflow, I wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to some other very cool apps that designers and creatives can use if they’re a little bored of using… errrrr… *whispers* Adobe products .

First up we have none other than Procreate

A small yet powerful iPad drawing app, that allows you to illustrate, import and export PSD’s, animate, and now with the latest update (5.2) you can even paint in 3D!  

As a designer who uses all kinds of programs for my work, Procreate is a definite MUST!  I’ve even met people who aren’t part of the creative industry in any way and they use Procreate as a notes/ideas tool.  Super versatile and also very… very.. cheap, with no hidden charges.

Oh, but wait! There’s more! These guys actually LISTEN to customer feedback and are always improving their product.  Bravo Procreate team, bravo.

Another more art-based app that I’ve used and is comparable to Photoshop (you could easily make the switch), is Clip Studio Paint

Again, these guys are super on the ball when it comes to their customers feedback, and there are so many REALLY GOOD features that just make total sense and makes you wonder why the bigger company hasn’t even thought to implement the same in their own apps. 

And last but not least, an app I came across the other and was totally wowed by the fact that not only is it available for iPad and Mac, it’s also completely free.  YES FREE?!!!


I’ve only dipped my toe in it but this app is so far incredible!  If you’re a designer or artist who works exclusively with vectors, then my goodness this is the app you NEED to check out! Wonderful UI, easy to pick up and go, and full of so many neat little gems, I’m surprised there’s not more talk about this app. 

What apps have you discovered recently that have helped your creative process?

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