Capturing amazing vibes with Vintage Cameras and lo-fi content

What’s in your bag? It better be a mini digicam… extra points if it’s a fun colour!  Over the last year we can see that Gen Z have taken a liking to vintage digital cameras. Between our cult obsession with Mean Girls, low rise jeans and paparazzi style content, creating content from digital cameras seems like a natural next step in our Y2k obsession. Even Ayo Edebiri’s 8.1-megapixel Sony Cyber-shot had a moment when The Bear actress had her seat-mate Carson Daly hold it for her while she went onstage to accept her Emmy award. 

Low-res vibes, high-quality fun

Influencers such as Lauren Wolfe are moving away from polished imagery and going for more authentic and lo-fi content. In a TikTok video from March 2023, Laura shows us the poorly lit photos she took at sunset on a beach taken by her iPhone vs the gorgeous images she took on a Canon Powershot G7 X. 

How can brands embrace this?

In lieu of perfect polished content, some brands are also embracing the lo-fi trend to stay on-trend and build authenticity by creating content that’s beautiful, yet still relatable and approachable. Chavroux is great example of how the lo-fi trend can elevate a brand’s audience sentiment, presenting a more down-to-earth and genuine content, without compromising on overall quality or image.

Why should brands care?

Embracing social trends is a strategic move that holds significant value for brands in today’s market. By incorporating fresh creative direction into their branding, companies provide a sense of appeal and relatability, and establish a genuine connection with its consumers. Boots provides a brilliant example with a feed full of lo-fi video and images to help the audience feel closer to the brand.

As today’s consumers seek authenticity as opposed to clear-cut paid influencer promotions, adopting more creative techniques in marketing becomes a strategic way for brands to stand out, tell a compelling story, and create a lasting impression on their target market.

In the realm of pop culture, keeping up with the latest trends is a must for brands, especially those targeting a younger demographic. This not only showcases a brand’s adaptability, but positions them as culturally relevant and in-touch with the evolving taste of its target market.

What next?

We know trends are ever-evolving, but could we see more marketing campaigns incorporating lo-fi content? As brands are continue to embrace pop culture trends with innovative twists, we’re excited to see what’s next.

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