Designers, it’s time to check in


In light of World Mental Health Day, I wanted to take this moment to talk about creativity and mental health.


We’ve all been there with burnout. So often as designers, we think of this as a normal part of the creative process. But I’m just gonna say this right now, super loud and clear… IT ISN’T.


Did you hear me? Burnout is not and should not be part of *any* creative process.


It’s especially hard when you factor in social media. The constant stream of information (good and bad), seeing peers move up, seeing designs you wish you’d thought of, comparing your skills to others – it’s tiring. It can take a massive toll on your mental health and desire to create, and when you look at it like that, it’s hard to remember that all of this is perceived reality, and we get bogged down with “I should be doing this too”.


What I’m trying to get at here, is we need to remember to take a step back when we’re feeling overwhelmed. Or when we feel so burnt out that we’re just going through the motions of designing and feeling no joy. Check in with yourself. It’s okay to take a break – we don’t have to be creating art 24/7, it’s unrealistic to think we should be doing this! Taking time to focus and take care of yourself is so incredibly important and WILDLY underrated in the creative field.


So please, designers, artists, creatives, and everyone else. Remember to take a step back, watch something good, reach out to friends, and look after yourself.


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