Generative fill-ed the video star: AI design, now in motion!

Ai Design at Adobe Max 2023

Adobe Max is a conference held by the design-software giants every year. It takes place in L.A and pays host to thousands of on person attendees and millions more around the world via their robust online presence. You can see more about the event here.

Every year is a treasure trove of talks and demos, but this year they really took it to the next level with their announcement of a suite of AI driven-tools which could revolutionise the way we produce content on social media and beyond – in both good and bad ways. A few weeks ago we talked about the Generative fill tool on this very blog and with the recently released AI report fresh in our minds, I thought we’d spend todays blog taking a closer look at some of their game-changing announcements.

Project fast fill

For me, this is the headline announcement, with this tool you could seamlessly generate new elements and add them into your video. Much like the generative fill tool, you just define the area of effect, input your prompt, then hey presto the element is generated into your video.

Sketch to image generation

This affords a huge level of control to your AI prompts, if you can map out your pose  and character in a basic sketch then have AI fill in the detail, stunning!

Text To Vector image

This looks so cool! You can output vector graphics from a prompt and even make them 3d! This has the potential to wildly sped up workflows!

There has however been a backlash to this one, as evinced by the tweets below

you can read more about the troubling aspects of this feature here

The level of innovation on display is always truly mind-blowing and this year was no different. This isn’t AI related per-se but look at the utilisation of flexible screens. They really are pushing the envelope on multiple fronts over at Adobe and I for one can’t wait to see what lies in store.

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