Get ready to start shopping on videos!


Do you remember how I was banging on about a pair of shoes and how Pinterest now lets you shop from pictures about a month ago? (if you don’t here is the post) Well, now, shoppable videos are coming to Facebook and Twitter but maybe not just as you imagined it!

Dubcandy is a new app (available on IOS and Android) that lets you tag up to 5 products in one video using an affiliate program (i.e. Amazon) and upload it on your favourite social platform! I can already hear cries of joy coming out of some of you! Bear with me a little longer… Because of the partnerships the app recourses to, the content creators producing the video will also earn affiliate income just like it would in a classic web browser.

Some more analytics are also available through the app like how many of the viewers clicked on the link, attribution, intent, and other purchase data.

It looks like this inside the app:

IMG_0044   IMG_0045
Right now, Dubcandy will only let you share the videos to Facebook and Twitter (when I say “only”, I mean… Come on, that’s already a marketer’s dream come true!) It will not work on YouTube just yet but again the latest already lets you add links to videos… The only tiny drawback is that right now, the videos will not auto play.

That’s how it looks like in the Facebook app once shared:


Who’s behind this great idea, you ask me? Well… The little geniuses from Dubdub (remember that 90-second music video platform? Yeap, that’s them!)

They claim that Dubcandies (aka the videos containing links created through the app) get a click-through-rate 10 time higher than you would get with clickable YouTube videos. They may be bragging a little but that’s still worth some consideration!

So, ready to start shopping?


Just for entertainment/illustration purposes I made one:




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