Getting serious about content marketing – LinkedIn’s most influential brands

Content, content, content. I am not quite sure how many times I use the word “content” in a day but if I did, and I got a £1 for every time, then I would be buying myself Google Glass (even if they are £1000, seriously!).

So back to content. Yesterday myself and our CEO Katy Howell ran a webinar on Smart Social Content for Lead Generation (click the link to watch the re-run) and in doing some research prior to the session I came across this lovely little infographic from the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team looking at the top 10 most influential global brands on LinkedIn:

This list was compiled using LinkedIn’s new content marketing score which measures engagement with sponsored updates, company page updates, groups, employee updates and influencer posts. You can find out more about these resources in my recent blog – Content marketing score and LinkedIn resource you can’t ignore

You may also find the recent Content Consumption Report a useful read!

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