How to navigate when the map keeps shifting

If you, like us, find yourself suddenly working from home, figuring out new technology and ways of staying connected and bonded to your team on one hand, as well as navigating the current landscape in marketing on the other, we’re here for you.

Rapid change and uncertainly can make even the most experienced marketing managers wobble a little, but there’s no denying that marketing is essential right now to shore-up your brand’s future as the landscape settles (whenever that happens!).

Social media activity +25% in the last few weeks

If you’re trying to build your brand on social, there’s a school of thought suggesting that now is the time – within reason, of course. This isn’t the time to be arrogant, over-promotional or insensitive, so tread carefully. First and foremost, plan your content with an audience-first mentality… what is it that you can offer your audience on social that will help them? If your service-led, like us, then that could be sharing data to help your industry safeguard from mistakes – if you’re an FMCG brand, consider what has changed for your audience… beauty brands could consider moving away from fingertip application, or store cupboard food brands could release more recipes, tips on keeping food fresher for longer, or simply fun content which helps pass the time.

One of the major concerns that 40% of people surveyed have, is that they cannot trust the information they’re receiving from any media channel, including all the major news channels. In his 2020 predictions blog, immediate future’s MD, CJ said

“I believe 2020 will be the year when we all must place greater authenticity into our content.”

In the current landscape, authenticity and openness will win, alongside agility. Many companies are releasing statements about how they are dealing with the current crisis. The key to the most successful ones will be their ability to be genuine on camera – if you’re unsure whether your stakeholders are ready for this task, consider a well-worded statement alongside a video if you do need to make announcements.

Along with “Humanise your brand”, there are some other tips which small businesses could think about in this listicle, too.

Support when you need it, from your friendly neighbourhood Batmaaa…. oh no, wait, IF-ers!

We IF-ers are all just a call or video conference away – we can be agile to make your lives a lot easier.

There are a number of ways we can help

  • Insight – are you overwhelmed with requests from internal stakeholders to understand how the current landscape on social is affecting your sector or business? Do you need to investigate how other companies or your competitors are handling their social media? Do you need to judge the mood of your customers on social but feel a bit “blind”? Many challenges can be tackled through deep understanding – social listening in real-time or analysis of recent events can be provided to you in a digestible, actionable report.
  • Strategy – no doubt you, like many, had some great plans for this year which may be affected by this universal issue. If you need help around how to pivot to ensure your business continues to move forward, we have a tonne of crisis and marketing experience add to your planning sessions.
  • Overflow team – if you’re experiencing high volumes of customer interaction on social, or your internal resource is drained by absence, we can quickly lean in to lend a helping hand with everything from content planning to copywriting and design to scheduling.

If you are interested in chatting to us, get in touch via the website, or any of our social channels.

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