IDs for Days

I wanted to spend some time with this blog looking over at some of the super cool idents that Hulu commissioned from an international roster of animators, from Argentina, Sweden, Japan and more!

Hulu first unveiled some of the content that independent artists had created in the month of April; 

First up with have Fuzz Machine by Andrea Love, this felt stop motion uses sound and animation SO WELL. It takes me back to the days of the Clangers!

Next up we have the super colourful animation from Dante Zaballa;

How about a little rotoscoping? (Something I’m very fond of) by Marlene;

You can see more over on Hulu’s YouTube channel where they’ve created a playlist that’s being updated with even more IDs.

Good idents, much like good advertising and marketing, can really make a brand stand out, and with creatives and artists being more accessible via social media… well.. the world is our oyster! It opens opportunities to create some really impressive work and is able to reach people who would never have seen it otherwise. 

And here’s our own tiny IF version of an ident

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