Instagram Algorithm – how it works and how to beat it

Do you want to have more reach on Instagram? Do you want to understand how Instagram ranks feed posts? Then you should know how the Instagram algorithm works in 2021.

Now, what is the Instagram algorithm? In short, the Instagram algorithm is a mechanism that classifies content according to what it thinks may interest you the most. However, Instagram doesn’t have a single algorithm but many classifiers and processes with specific purposes. To give users a personalised experience, Instagram ranks content through machine learning based on your past behaviour, resulting in each user seeing a different timeline, even if you follow the same accounts.

When the timeline had a chronological order, you would see the latest posts that perhaps weren’t the ones that interested you the most. Instagram is interested in having an algorithm because, by showing you the content that it thinks will interest you the most, you will spend more time in the app.


There are 3 main factors that the Instagram algorithm considers when ranking posts:

What are your interests? Based on your actions in the past (likes, comments, messages, followers), Instagram predicts the interest that content may have for you. The photos and videos of the topics with which you interact the most will come out first. If you want to arouse more interest in your Instagram followers, you should know them. For example, use the survey, questionnaire, or question stickers to discover what your followers want to see. Also, analyse the statistics to see which type of content performs better.

Is your post recent? The Instagram policy is to reward recent posts more than old ones. Although it’s true you can see old publications. This is because they have other factors that make them appear earlier. To beat the algorithm, your post must be recent, so you must know what hours and days your audience is online. You can check your Instagram Insights directly in the app or in Facebook’s Creator Studio, where you can see a more detailed analysis of the hours and days with the most traffic. You should also post frequently so your content is consistently fresh. But if you want to know when is best to post on social media, check this blog out.

Who do you interact with? Instagram knows the relationship you have with other users, so it first shows you the publications of the people with whom you interact the most: Who do you talk to in direct message? Who do you like or comment on their posts? If you want your followers to interact more with your account, you need to participate in the conversations of other users: comments, messages, or responses to stories. But also encourage them to engage with you using CTAs.


So, to summarise… If you want to beat the Instagram algorithm, follow these tips:

  1. Interact with other accounts through likes, comments, and messages.
  2. Post when your followers are online.
  3. Create video reels (this helps to maximise reach).
  4. Add a location to your images and stories.
  5. Write content-related hashtags.
  6. Ask your audience what they need and give it to them.
  7. Dedicate daily use time to the application.
  8. Tell your followers to turn on notifications.

Creating a strong Instagram strategy is essential to beat the algorithm. So, if you focus on building genuine connections with your audience and producing valuable content, you’ll be invincible!

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