Is Peach just another social fad?



It has only been 12 days and the first part of prediction 1 in our Blog 28 things guaranteed to happen in social in 2016 may soon become a reality. We predicted that a ‘Shiny new platform labelled the ‘next big thing’ will emerge’ and that ‘Digital professionals will create accounts but never return.’


Dom Hoffman the founder of Vine is testing the waters with a shiny new messenger app called Peach. If you are like me, you will have probably rolled your eyes at the news and thought ‘not another social media app’. The social media app market, is already highly saturated with all the major channels investing heavily on mobile Snapchat. So, do we really need another social media channel? Dom Hoffmans seems to think so and I am not one to argue with the founder of Vine, although I do have my doubts.


So, before you dive into yet another social media fad, here are 5 things you should know about the app.


  1. The app has been described as a Twitter and Slack hybrid; Peach users view a stream of updates from connections, tapping posts to reveal more.


  1. Peach is built around ‘magic words’ and include words such as gif, song, weather etc. Typing one of these ‘magic words’ users can add gifs, their location and even which song they are listening too, to their statuses
    • GIF: share an animated GIF
    • Weather: share the weather
    • Events: share appointments from your calendar
    • Rate: rate something on a scale of 1 to 5 stars
    • Time: share the current time
    • Song: share whatever song your phone is playing
    • Draw: doodle right on the screen
    • Here: share your location
    • Battery: share your phone’s current charge
    • Move: share your movement today


  1. The app does not integrate with any other social channel, and there is no verification process. Like most social media sites in their infancy, imposters have already signed up using the names of celebrities.


  1. Similar to Facebooks poke feature, users can wave, kiss or ‘bop’ to each other with emoji’s. Peach has also reinvented the block feature and named it ‘quarantine’ for those annoying friends.


  1. At the moment you will need to an iOS device.


With all this in mind, now is the time to place your bets on whether our 2016 prediction will come true with this new app!


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