The immediate future dashboard has been tracking festive online activity in order to bring you some irrefutable predictions* and scientifically proven* observations for Christmas 2010.

Earlier we found that while ‘presents for men’ was the top search on Google Insights, ‘gifts for women’ was a breakthrough search. As we get closer to the actual event though, it would seem offspring around the UK are beginning to worry.

In the last two days ‘presents for mums’ has been popping in and out of the rising search chart, hitting 150% yesterday. Waves of collective panic for those who can’t find a present for their mothers perhaps?

We’ve also been tracking a selection of the toys tipped to be this year’s best sellers, as predicted by the Toy Retailers Association. The Fireman Sam Fire Station, having performed well in search throughout December,  is now on the decline as we get into the final stretch before Christmas. Furreal, however, continues its consistently stellar track with the most searches. (My tip for the parents – take the batteries out if you want your Furreal dog for Christmas, not for life.)

If social media can predict Christmas there will be an awful lot of Hasbros’ furry pet toys in stockings this year. And possibly some disappointed mums.

For those still panicking about what to buy, let your favourite social media agency calm you with a beautiful digital nativity – number 15 in our advent calendar. You might also want some pacifying if you’re a “girlfriend” – it’s also entered the rising searches today.

*Disclaimer: predictions and observations can be wrong as well as right.

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