Lights, camera, action!

Do we all know that video is one of the formats that work best when connecting with your audience on social media? Yes. Are all brands making the most of this content format? Probably no. Now, we have already explained what Reels can do for your brand, but in this blog, we are going to reveal all the tips you need to succeed in Reels on Instagram this year. So grab a pen and get ready to take notes!

There are 4 main types of content that you can create with Instagram Reels. Here are some ideas of what types of content you can create, so you can choose those that best fit your brand:


This type of content for Instagram Reels is very popular among users (and we are sure your followers will love it!). It doesn’t matter what industry is – we bet there is something you can teach your audience which will be useful to them.


Yes, challenges are very popular on TikTok, but this trend also exists for Reels. You can search for one that suits your brand and join the trend!

Before and after

The customization of clothing, makeup or a change of look. Instagram users love this type of content. How can you transfer it to your business? Think about it!


After all, the ultimate goal of any content strategy is to achieve sales of our products or services, so at some point they have to make an appearance on the screen. Of course, try not to be too “salesy”.

Now, here are some tips to make the best Instagram Reels:

Create content that fits your audience

Before you start creating, creating and creating, think about who you are going to “talk to” and what they expect from your content. Respect the style, tone and personality of your brand.

Create a powerful start

Remember that we live in the era of infinite scrolling, the first 5 seconds are essential! Users will only interact with those publications that really catch their attention. So… how can we do this? First, prepare an eye-catching headline, use your imagination and create a title that stands out. Then, include subtitles – did you know that 85% of people watch videos without audio? That is why it is important that you use subtitles and keep their attention. And finally, choose a good cover as it will be the first thing your followers see. If you are not convinced by the frames of the video, you can design one.

Don’t forget the hashtags!

Well-crafted hashtags can be your best allies when it comes to getting exposure for your Instagram Reels. Look at the trends or challenges that are popular at the moment, create a hashtag strategy using words related to the activity of your brand, the content and the interests of your followers.

If you want to know more about how to break the social boring with Reels, don’t be shy and contact us now!

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