Meet Wuu, the Snap-style app from the makers of Ello


Way back in the the halcyon days of 2014 we had high hopes about the fledgling social network Ello an ad-free alternative to the established Facebooks and Twitters of the social world, but, alas it never really took off as much as we hoped. But now the creators of the ill-fated Ello have returned with a new offering to the millennial crowd; Wuu.

In essence Wuu is Snapchat without user to user messaging or the instant deletion that Snapchat was founded upon. The photo filters, videos, text, audio and captions all remain and are available to your entire (private) network for 24 hours.

We at IF tested the app out and found that much like its predecessor Ello, Wuu has a baffling interface and no clear model of monetisation.

Wuu themselves stress “No likes, No followers, No ads” and their mission statement is as follows;

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 00.37.36


A lovely sentiment but not a solid model for a social network.

As you can see the extreme, bold design is unique in the current digital landscape which might give it an edge over other private messaging apps but the question of it competing with Snapchat was really answered before it even launched.



With no real USP, a market-leading competitor going from strength to strength, an unintuitive interface, and a target market who are notoriously sceptical it all adds up to another potential failure for team Bunditz.

It seems No likes, No followers, No dice.






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