2018. How will your brand be heard above the noise?


It’s now the start of a brand new year, where new trends emerge and new opportunities for content creation arise. We hope you’ve had your fill of turkey and all the over-indulgent trimmings you could get your hands on this Christmas. We definitely did. However, it’s now time to look at the year ahead of us.

We’ve already looked at some of the key trends for the up and coming year and and we can only wait and wonder as to what other updates we can expect from our favourite social media channels these coming months. With video, virtual reality and chat bots at the forefront of many social strategies this year, there are lots of new and exciting ways to reach consumers in 2018. One other thing we can definitely expect this year is noise and lots of it.

Over 60 million brands have Facebook pages. Their aim: to engage with their customers and entice new ones. But, with so many businesses reaching out, it’s getting harder and harder to be heard. If your job is to create branded content, cutting through the noise can be a relentless battle.

There are more people than ever online, but it’s our job as content creators and social media experts to consistently create content that wins hearts and minds. Facebook advertising is a level playing field, so how can you win the advertising game in 2018?

With so many post formats on Facebook, it would be crazy to stick to using just one. Yes, maybe it worked for you last year, but there is no guarantee it will work for you again. Facebook is constantly adapting and so should your brand. Reporting is key to understanding what posts are working for you and how you can adapt to future algorithm changes.

Don’t be afraid to see what’s working for other brands and follow suit, just don’t be too late to the party. This year Facebook Live content will be high on the list of priorities here at IF and with Facebook now rewarding brands who produce live content, there’s no better time to start.

Thumb-stopping content is key. You need to be grabbing people’s attention in seconds. It doesn’t matter how big a budget you have, if you’re pushing out boring content no one will share or engage with it.

A share is worth so much more than a like or a comment. When someone shares your content, they are accepting you into their world and that’s exactly where you want to be.

And finally, make sure Social Media Optimisation is part of your content strategy or prepare to fall behind. Social media marketing is no longer about proving why your brand should be on social, but about proving ROI.

It’s a noisy world out there, good luck being heard.

Happy New Year

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