Scaling D2C with social media rocket fuel

Let’s face it Covid restrictions have transformed trends, behaviours and shaped the way we live our everyday lives. And when it comes to shopping, things are very different from what they were seven months ago. Ever-changing consumer habits have forced many companies to re-think their retail and distribution models, with most being forced to sell direct-to-consumer. For some, this will be an uncomfortable transition into what is now an overcrowded, competitive and noisy space. However, with the right strategic approach on social, it’s possible to add real rocket fuel to your D2C sales!

Katy Howell, Jocelyn Kirby and Leia Reid dig into the data around D2C selling and give you the tools to cut through the noise, stand out and be BOLD in the world of D2C.

So, just how do you cut through the noise and sky-rocket your sales through social? Here are some takeaways from the webinar if you don’t have time to watch the full video!

DO NOT underestimate the power of social media…

Social is one of the most powerful channels for a direct-to-consumer strategy. Everything is in the palm of your customer’s hands. It’s intimate, personal and, if used well, it’s powerful. On the flip side, it’s noisy and overcrowded.

Conversations around online shopping have increased by 66% since the pandemic hit. Gone are the days where a simple ‘Buy me’ tweet will cut through the noise and trigger sales.

Jocelyn says: “Social platforms are upscaling and upskilling their features and functionality faster than many in-house brands are able to make those changes internally.”

The sophistication of social means each platform is geared towards selling in a more creative, efficient and seamless way. Breaking down the barrier-to-purchase walls is easier than ever IF you can utilise the shoppable functionality of each platform.

From “shop now” on Instagram to “buyable pins” on Pinterest, brands must be aware of each and every functionality to maximise successful D2C selling through social.

Jocelyn expands on this saying: “Brands need to take time to ensure the customer journey and the way social connects through to the website is a slick process. If it isn’t, you may miss out on opportunities or fall short.”

And this is particularly poignant in the lead up to Christmas with a whopping 31% of people relying on social media for Christmas inspo! Ensure your customer journey is as seamless as possible to snare those surfing social for those perfect prezzies!

Selling on social is BIG business…

Recent research from ParcelHero revealed that a fifth of all consumers dabbled with social commerce during the first lockdown. And on top of that, it’s predicted that nearly 11 million UK shoppers will have discovered products via social media by the end of 2020.

On top of this, a staggering 1 in 4 online purchases are now made as a result of interaction with a social media outlet (Visa), and with 36% of consumers saying that they want more content from D2C brands (Nosto) it’s easy to see why so many are prioritising social media as the main selling tool for their product.

With restrictions set to be in place well into 2021, expect the social commerce process to become easier, quicker and much more streamlined. In turn, consumers will continue to spend online and for the time being, shun the almost forgotten bricks and mortar experience.

Listen and learn before you jump…

The last year has seen a rapid acceleration in the way consumers behave on social, something which none of us has experienced in our many years in industry. Jocelyn says “Normally there is time to see indicators and some kind of warning flag of consumer change. These changes have been overnight. Brands performing best have adapted and kept close to how consumers are feeling and communicating.”

This is where strategic thinking becomes vital. Before you start selling you need to find out who you’re talking to, what motivates them and how they behave. Ultimately you need to ask yourself; why would anyone buy your product?

It’s all good and well offering discounts to entice first-time buyers or to pull an existing customer back in, but this is short term strategy with no end goal.

Trust in building trust…

Building a relationship with your audience is vital. Remember, they can’t touch and feel your products, so the decision to purchase may hinge on whether or not they trust your brand.

And right now this matters more than ever. A recent study from Kantar revealed that 70% of Brits don’t trust what they see from brands on social.

As a D2C brand on social, you have an opportunity to connect without a middle-man. Tell your brand story in an authentic, transparent and consistent way and cultivate a brand that can go the distance.

Pay to play…

The days where you could rely on organic and have an impact are gone. If you want real results you must utilise the power of paid advertising. Which in this day and age is easier said than done. 39% of Brits felt it was unacceptable to be target by paid advertisements (kantar). 

This lack of trust is largely down to the sheer volume of poorly executed ads out there that have no frequency cap. Day after day consumers are bombarded by the same ads and eventually switch off. To stand out in feed and grab attention, you must craft messaging which is tailored towards your audience and ensure authenticity, transparency and consistency is present throughout.

This all ladders back to the most important word from this webinar; Trust. Without that, you’ll struggle to build relationships, a customer base; and ultimately fall behind competitors investing time into telling their brand story with best practice in mind.

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