Snapchat gets a makeover

Over the years, Snapchat has redesigned its app many a time, but the last major update seemed to push a lot of users to abandon ship. And I can recall purposely not updating my phone to hold onto the old layout for as long as possible! Sad, I know.

Well, now it looks like Snapchat is about to do it again. 

It seems the app is testing out a new look, which separates the features into 5 different tabs, making navigation a whole lot easier and user-friendly. It’s not sounding too bad if I do say so myself. 

But what features make up the different sections?

  1. Snap Map – launched back in 2017, Snap Maps allow users to see their friends destinations (unless they go into ghost mode), however, it wasn’t easy to find, with many users having to look up how to access it.
  2. Chat – just as it is now, the Chat section will remain the same, however, it will now be accessed by the click of a tab rather than swiping right.
  3. Main Camera – again, this feature will remain the same and be the first port of call when users open up the app.
  4. Community – many will know this as Snap Discovery, featuring friend’s Snap Stories, subscribed channels, and recommendations.
  5. Discover – where users can find original Snap content, and most likely the new Bitmoji TV.

Although the redesign doesn’t bring any new features, it does give features such as Snap Map and original Snap content a chance to become more noticeable and improves navigation around the app.

Let’s hope this time Snapchat gets it right and has users welcoming the new look with open arms. 

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