So much video – so many mistakes

When it comes to filming panel discussions or debate videos for B2B social media, we come across a lot of content that is just…well, not engaging at all – we’re lost within 5 seconds or so!

If you’re in the B2B sector; scroll through your twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn feed right now and you’ll see a few videos for B2B, showing interviews with key stakeholders or incorporating influencers. One of the most common issues we see is that within the first 5-8 seconds, there is very much a brand focus – inward facing terminology that mean nothing to anyone outside of the company. It’s important to take yourself out of the business and into the market. Make your videos talk about what’s happening to everyone, not what you are doing. Because frankly, no one really cares unless it’s designed to help them.

Why care? Why share?

Remember that social media feeds are not ideal for YouTube-style videos – no one has clicked a link to see your video and is expecting to endure the long intros and background filler before the real impactful material lands. You’ve got mere seconds – get that WHY to the front!

What’s a ‘why’? we hear you ask – well it’s the purpose – WHY does this matter to your audience. So many videos lead with ‘what’, just explaining what the video is about. Most people don’t care – they know what it’s about, that’s why they’ve stopped to watch it! What’s your early hook? What impactful statement/statistics from the wider video can you utilise to get your message across most effectively.

Please don’t use your phone

Don’t compromise on quality with filming – use a proper filming team – using a phone will not suffice, sound and visual quality will be greatly compromised. Remember, any video represents your brand and if it’s pixelated or low on audio quality…well, you know.

Setting is also key. Don’t be tempted to put brand logos everywhere in the background – use them in a sensible way, carefully if not subtly placed. Try and an incorporate people moving around or chatting – this doesn’t make the shot look too ‘busy’, it looks natural – and matched with your logo shows a buzz around the brand.

Film long, shatter down

Bringing things back to social media video content – you can make your main feature video YouTube centric – so make it long, but don’t promote it on social directly (the file size will be too big anyway). Look for the key soundbites – 30 seconds to 2 minutes long. Are these heated discussions? Does someone say something quite funny? Use it! Don’t be overly corporate – it’s disengaging. We’re humans first!

Time to move on from virtual…

There’s been some great content formed via virtual chats – but their time is coming to an end. We’re getting a bit numb to them – talking heads with a static background isn’t landing the way it used to. Get people together in an interesting setting and have an open discussion. Everyone is less robotic, more relaxed by way of facial expressions and body language – all of this resonates for the viewer! It’s also easier to naturally fold in b-roll filler.

All the main B2B platforms for social have demonstrated that video is the most engaged with type of content – LinkedIn in particular is seeing a shift. We actually shared some creative tips for boosting B2B campaigns in a recent blog – and LinkedIn themselves have shared some interesting insights.

Put effort into your video production – it’s rewarding, believe us! We’ve done lots of filming for our clients with the sole purpose of promoting the video direct to feed.

Need anymore advice for your next planned filmed occasion? Speak to us today.

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