Social Media Design Tips

It’s that time, once again, I chat to you about design and give you some (hopefully) useful tips to help your work stand out in a sea of creatives.

Are you ready? Let’s go!!


Kind of an easy one to start with, however, being bold with your choices, be it colour or statement is a great step to get your work seen.  How will your work jump out at people and be thumb-stopping? This could be your colour choices, or it could be a massive piece of text that makes people stop and read, which leads me on to my next tip…


We want users to stop, look and say “huh… I wonder what’s next”.

But how does one create intrigue in design?  I hear you ask?  Make use of carousels.  Create a flowing story through imagery that will make users scroll through your slides rather than scroll past.  And it could be as simple as having overlapping images, or quotes that make you want to know more.  Tap in and ask yourself, what kind of visual will make *me* stop and want to know more?


This goes hand in hand with being bold, being brave and having conviction in what you’re designing.  Don’t shy away!


I’m sure I’ve said this in previous design blogs, and I will never not say it!  Look at what other designers are doing, how does their work make you feel? Do you want to learn how they created that bit of creative for that cool campaign? What could you take away from it and how would you bring your own spin to it?  Be inspired by your peers and push what you do.

If you’re still a little stumped on what to do, why not take a look at our design trends for the 2022 blog.

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