Stats bomb, stats bomb – you’re a stats bomb

OK, so the title is a bit misleading – you’re not a stats bomb – but your B2B marketing campaigns almost certainly should be. We’re not talking about the results of the campaigns or how you report.etc, what we mean is how you’re showing your impactful data to your audience.

Every company has data coming out of its ears when it comes to the industry they operate in – any company worth its salt will be keeping its ear to the ground to understand the pain points and sleepless nights that haunt directors on a daily basis. Well it’s time to keep the bad news coming – it’s time to show them what they’re missing to solve their problems.

We know social is a highly impactful platform for B2B now. The cynicism surrounding social media for B2B brands corporate or otherwise has subsided – marketing campaigns are yielding results – and social is one of the most cost effective ways to raise awareness and drive traffic to websites. Heck even Tik-Tok is becoming a success for B2B.

What should you show to your audience, regardless of the platform?

OK, the stats bomb bit we spoke about earlier….

In the B2B world – whether it’s CXOs, CFOs or IT Directors – data is king. Numbers resonate and they define the success of operations. These people being on social is ideal from a targeting perspective, but how do you reach them among a feed of noise? Play to their brain’s primary function – numbers.

What visuals can you create that put forward a powerful statistical message? We’ve seen stat reporting formats such as ‘1 in 3 people’ or ‘75% of companies’ drawing audience members in. It tickles the curiosity part of their mind, while connecting back to how they function day to day in their jobs. Animated bars rising from the base of a graphic or a pie chart filling up a circle are interesting ways of making data shout – numbers on a page isn’t enough, it’s how you present them – what size should they be? Where on the visual? How does it lead into my copy?

You’ve got 3 seconds to get someone’s attention (ahem, hopefully we’ve still got yours) – define your audience, play to their strengths and feed them what they need.

Sounds so simple, but for proper implication, it takes strategy and knowhow.

Luckily, we can help. If you’re looking at how to create your next B2B campaign and want to know how to present visuals and copy in an impactful way, contact us.

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