The hook, the line, the sealer – video for B2B

OK, so you already know that video is king on social, right? Good – well we’re not going to tell you why, you already know. But you may wonder how you can make it most effective for B2B social campaigns so your clicks, engagements, video views and web traffic all go up!

Make it human. Make it scary.

It doesn’t matter if you’re recording just audio or a fully-fledged video, just don’t make it all the same for every platform. Remember a YouTube video can be a longer-winded message, bells and whistles – but that same video will not work on a social feed. It’s just fact. Scrollers (AKA you) only stop on what’s interesting.

If you have 3-5 seconds to get someone’s attention – make it count – remember they’ve not clicked on it by choice, you’re popping up unexpectedly in their feed, so their patience will be minimal.

Using people in video normally leads to a natural brain reaction, called something like ‘hey, another human’. People will stop to try and recognise this person – so within that few seconds, what can you use to accompany this image? Perhaps some hard hitting soundbites from your video – bold captions, provocative statements – something that draws them in.

Same goes for only audio – if you do an audiogram, for example, start with a sentence that will make someone want to listen on. Sounds obvious, we know – but here’s an example:

“It’s important we pay attention to FinTech developments in 2024….”

“Finance people need to know this – it’s key if they want their business to thrive…”

While the first line might seem more natural, it’s also safe and somewhat boring. The second one is more jarring, thought-provoking and sets a tone of concern in the user’s mind.

(Bear in mind, to get the above to perform optimally – make sure any video discussion is topical and that your speakers are informed on the topics. Waffle is found out very easily by people in your sector.)

Quality. Quality. Quality

When doing video or audio, here are some key things to remember:

  • Film in high quality – pixelated or blurry content will almost always be ignored
  • Record audio in high quality – bad sound…see above
  • Get closer – people watch videos on phones more than any other device. Don’t put people far away, get them close and make the subtitles clear and obvious
  • Edit and edit some more. You can keep your full length video on YouTube – for social, make it 30 seconds long – maybe up to a minute max. Edit it to just include the provocation and thought-provoking material (let your copy and call to action URL do the rest)
  • Sacrifice branding – yep, no one wants to hear it but unfortunately, no one cares about your guidelines or your logo placements. Make it less corporate by keeping the necessary add ons to the end if you must (your profile name appears at the top of the post – so there is your branding!)
  • Be creative – make different concepts for your visual content. They won’t all be approved or liked by the more senior people in your business, but the more options the better chance of approval. Also, variety is key to social – repost the same thing but in 3 different variations? Go for it.

Repurpose, repost, reignite!

Make your video content evergreen – avoid dates and timeliness references so you can use your content whenever and wherever. There is campaign downtime quite often throughout the year, so use some of your best performing video content later in the year. You can change colour concepts, shapes and formats so it looks fresher for your audience.

There are loads more insights we can share! Here are a few recent blogs for further guidance:

Contact us if you need some more tips or ideas for your next project 😉

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