Time to seize the Twitter Sponsored Moments?


It may seem as though the initial moment passed without much fanfare in October 2015 when Twitter Moments rolled out. It was then released to influencers and creators in August 2016 then the wider public in Sep 16, but… didn’t really set the world alight.

At its heart though, Twitter Moments is a way to ‘connect your favourite Tweets to tell a story’. It’s literally storytelling with a beginning, middle, and end that can engage your community on specific topics and events.

Pick a topic & include images, GIFs and videos. It’s pretty easy. So far, so good, but what about telling brand stories? Well, in the UK, Tesco, Sky & Xbox were among the first brand partners to test Promoted Moments in the UK (what was the ROI?). Ideal for a product launch, or celebration of some kind.

We recently spoke about the potential ad opportunities for Twitter, after the Facebook algorithm changed, and it looks like the new Sponsored Moments feature could be a godsend for brands looking to spend their ad money.

It ‘lets advertisers sponsor Moments from select premium content partners…’. A recent example is the Bank of America sponsoring Bloomberg’s Davos coverage. Twitter themselves have said:

“Sponsored Moments include interstitial Tweets from the brand as well as a branded cover. Similar to other In-Stream Sponsorships, advertisers can promote the Moment to their specific target audience, expanding reach beyond the content partner’s existing followers.”

So, Sponsored Moments are an extension of In-Stream Sponsorships. We’ve got Moments, and had Promoted Moments, which is making it all a bit… murky. What can Twitter do to make this a clear-cut opportunity for brands of different sizes to partner up?

At the moment, there’s a pool of about 200 premium partners who are paying to be part of it, but will it ever be in the reach of smaller brands? It would be great for a smaller brand to partner with a publisher with substantial audiences, but then are some tricky (unanswerable at the moment) questions to consider first:


How do you become a partner?

How much will it cost to sponsor a moment?

Who should do it?

How to share the revenue?


It sounds like a great opportunity, but for whom and how? We’d love to know who’s created one for their personal account. What was it about and how did it work for you? Share your Moments with us.

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