We’re up for an award!

We’re up for an award! Yep, that’s right. We’ve been selected as finalists in the UK Content Awards 2023 for our work with our fabulous client Chavroux

Over the past year, we’ve been on a mission to make Chavroux the G.O.A.T. cheese, by harnessing the power of social media to increase brand awareness and make Chavroux a recognisable brand in-store.

Why are you up for an award?

Our end-of-campaign results for Chavroux were simply fantastic. We were blown away, and Chavroux was also blown away when we saw how our efforts had not only increased brand awareness and recall on social, but they’d also improved and had a positive impact on the brand health of Chavroux as a whole!

We ended the year with a 5.10% engagement rate on social (which was a 218% season-on-season uplift cross-channel!) and a whopping increase of 176% reach on Facebook, and 96% on Instagram.

Where did it start?

As with all social media campaigns at IF, we started with the data. The data from our social listening showed us that our target audience were foodies, but they were often time-poor, although they were still interested in healthy meals and quality ingredients. Including goat’s cheese!

To help solve their pain point via social, we inspired them with visually beautiful, and easy-to-digest content that demonstrated the versatility of Chavroux, and would encourage them to look for the product in-store.

Tell us about Chavroux

Firstly, taste and quality are important factors when it comes to Chavroux, and if you haven’t tried it yet… you should! As a team, we wanted to immerse ourselves in the product and bought supermarket-own-brand goat’s cheese to compare with Chavroux. When we say it’s the lightest, creamiest and smoothest goat’s cheese we’ve ever tasted, we’re not just saying that!

Understanding and believing in the amazing taste of Chavroux made the creation of our recipe ideas far more effective as we were able to imagine how the cheese could work in each dish, and truth be told, it did lead to us purchasing the goat’s cheese for ourselves to eat when we’re at home. If the recipes were inspiring us, they must have been inspiring the social audience!

What did you do?

When it came to Chavroux, we did a lot of things on social to drive brand discoverability and amplify our content. Here are just a few of the ways we did it:

  • Versatile recipe creation
  • Meal ideas for hosting or something special
  • Dishes created around days of interest in the UK
  • Using trends to elevate brand exposure
  • Working with aligned influencers and creators

And our personal favourite: paid-social advertising!

Why is paid your favourite?

Organic is great, but if you want results, you need to be amplifying your content with paid.

We put a strong focus on paid ads for Chavroux as we knew this is where we could increase our reach to wider audiences who didn’t know about the brand just yet. Our paid campaigns used awareness as an objective, and used clever targeting to specific audience interests, seasonality, and geo-locations to make sure we were sending our ads to exactly the right people, and squeezing our budget in the most effective way.

So, what now?

Now, we wait to find out who has been selected as the winner! We’ve got our fingers, toes and hoofs crossed!

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