Immediate Future Partners with the FinTech Marketing Community

Immediate Future Partners with the FinTech Marketing Community

Offering a Fresh Perspective on Social Media Marketing to its Members

FinTech B2B Marketing, the first global peer-to-peer community specialist B2B strategists and marketers in FinTech, Financial Services and Technology, proudly announces its partnership with Immediate Future, a leading social media agency. Immediate Future, with 20 years of experience and success stories from major companies like HSBC, Google, Thomson Reuters, and Bottomline Technologies, partners with FinTech B2B Marketing. This collaboration aims to educate fintech marketers in the community, enabling them to enhance their social media marketing strategies through learning and problem-solving.

Immediate Future’s approach revolves around authentic storytelling and deep audience insights. The agency will share insight that resonates with and supports the fintech marketing community members by deploying social listening tools and in-depth surveys,

Katy Howell, CEO of Immediate Future, “We are delighted to be a part of a growing peer-to-peer network and look forward to extending our expertise by sharing insights through mentorship programs, offering hands-on training and bespoke workshops to help community members finesse their social media tactics.

“We understand the fintech conversation is nuanced, and often burdened with scepticism. Our mission is to give community members the tools to make B2B social a cornerstone of the marketing mix, be it brand awareness or lead generation.”

Howell continues, “Immediate Future’s commitment to the FinTech B2B Marketing Community is a testament to its vision – to break the social boring and unleash growth with extraordinary social media marketing.”

Understanding the challenges of content creation, Immediate Future pledges to help members maximise social opportunity and learn how to deliver quality content that is memorable to buyers. In a sector brimming with contenders, the aim is to ensure the FinTech B2B Marketing Community members can stay one step ahead.

Payal Raina, Founder of Fintech B2B Marketing, commented, “We are thrilled to welcome our newest member, Immediate Future, to our global community forum and join us on this journey. Social media plays a pivotal role in fintech marketing by enabling companies to connect with their audience in a more personalised and engaging way. With Immediate Future on board, we can push boundaries, ignite creativity and educate our fellow senior marketing, business leaders and industry peers about the ever-changing terrain of social media marketing.”

“Here’s to forging meaningful connections, sparking conversations and making waves in the digital landscape,” Raina concludes.