Is Instagram after world domination?

Last week Snapchat released its Spectacles 2, and while Snap was frantically trying to tell the world that these glasses were definitely improved and not a joke, Instagram had been testing new features that could seriously ruin Snapchat.

With a whole array of features being tested it won’t be long until we could be seeing some game changing app updates from Instagram.

So, what could be in the pipeline for Snaps’ arch rival?

If we weren’t already hooked enough on Instagram Stories, Stories is now adding a Slow-motion tool to join the likes of Boomerang and Stop-motion. So, for all those users using slow-motion functions through their phone, Instagram just made life a little easier… again.

When it comes to social media, there’s a certain etiquette to follow, and rule number one, once you allow your friend or colleague to see your posts or become your online friend, there’s no going back. However, there may be a way out. Instagram are testing a mute button, which like Facebook, will allow you to stop seeing unwanted posts without the awkward unfollow.

Again, following in the footsteps of Facebook, we could soon see the reactions capability coming to Stories. This is still being tested, but this is another way that Instagram is allowing people to engage with Stories in a fun and creative way.

Last but not least, is Stories’ calendar view. This feature will allow you to move into calendar mode within the Stories platform and see a list of the archived Stories you’ve posted throughout the month and the dates you posted them. For brands this is a game changer, it will ensure that you’re on top of your content and will give you more clarity on how regularly you are posting on the platform.

These future updates along with their multiple uploads update last week could see users gain more control over their Instagram content and improve how they manage their account.

Instagram is seriously taking on Snapchat with these potential new offerings and there’s even rumours that we could see video calling coming to Instagram soon. Skype who? Could this be world domination for Instagram, we’ll soon find out…

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