Scheduling Instagram content just got a lot easier!

Instagram is perceived as the favoured social media platform by many, and including it within your social strategy is a must. But for years, marketeers (us included) have struggled with scheduling posts due to the app not having its own scheduling tools, turning to external apps and sites. And as expected, these come at an extra cost.

Until now…

Just the other day, Facebook users were greeted on to the platform with a notification informing them ‘Instagram and IGTV publishing is now available.’ Yep, you heard it – Facebook has finally created a new feature that allows users to schedule Instagram posts through its Creator Studio.

By scheduling content through Creator Studio, we’re now able to edit and post content in a way that we’ve been unable to do through external apps in the past – such as:

  • Users will now be able to see exactly how their Instagram post will look in-feed, just like when you schedule content on to a Facebook page.
  • Using Creator Studio workflow, users can edit their photographs in the process of scheduling.
  • Location tags can be added to your image.
  • You can post multiple images to one post – something we’ve only been able to do on the app itself before.
  • And, you can view insights from your posted content too!

As expected, this news has been welcomed with open arms by many marketeers, especially us here at IF. And we just couldn’t wait to try it out! The new tool will make scheduling just that bit easier now, not having to flick between different apps or learning how external party apps work. Let’s just hope scheduling Stories follows shortly

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