Social Snapshot – 08.06.2022

Social snapshot- Latest social media news

With so many social media news popping up every day, it can be hard to stay up-to date. We’ve got you covered – take a look at the latest happening in the world of social media:

Twitter adds audio translations for visually impaired users

Twitter announces a new Accessibility section that will translate charts into audio elements for visually impaired users.

Find out more here.

Meta launches new activations for the Pride Month

The social network announced a range of Pride-themes activations across Facebook and Instagram in the light of Pride Month.

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TikTok launches digital avatars in clips

TikTok has confirmed the launch of its own avatar creation tools. It’s now available via the ‘Effects’ panel in the camera view, enable users to create their own custom character depictions for use across the app.

Find out more here.

Instagram enables pin posts on your profile

Instagram has recently launched a new option that allows to pin posts on your profile.

Find out more here.

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