Social Snapshot — 07.02.2024

Social Snapshot

Get ready for another social snapshot! Each week, we recap the latest updates in social media to keep you in the know. Let’s jump straight into the highlights:

TikTok Tests AI Song Feature

In case you missed it, TikTok is testing a new “AI Song” feature where users input prompts and AI generates lyrics and music within seconds. Suddenly, it makes much more sense why Universal Music Group pulled the plug—check out their official statement and TikTok’s response. Like most test features, this one seems to be rolling out slowly.

Screenshot from @jonahcruzmanzano on TikTok

Facebook Turned 20

Facebook celebrated its 20th anniversary with over 3 billion monthly users, almost half the world’s population. Despite challenges and competition, its user engagement remains strong, aided by AI content recommendations. Meta’s focus on combining entertainment and connectivity is helping it regain relevance.

Instagram Tests Show Preview Feature

Instagram is testing a new feature that lets users preview how their feed posts will look on their profile grid before publishing. It includes a “Show preview” button in the post composer, showing where the post fits in the profile layout. This helps users maintain their profile’s theme and aesthetic, optimising their impact. The feature is available for single image, video, and carousel updates, but not for Reels yet.

Screenshot from @lindseygamble on Instagram

YouTube’s Big Bets for 2024

YouTube revolutionised storytelling, paying over $70 billion to creators through the Partner Program from 2020 to 2023, driving growth in the creator economy. Now, AI is empowering creativity.

The CEO’s vision for 2024 includes:

  1. AI Empowering Human Creativity: YouTube democratises AI tools, exemplified by initiatives like Dream Screen and Music AI Incubator. Shorts sees over 70 billion daily views.
  2. Creators as Next-Generation Studios: Recognised by world leaders, creators redefine entertainment. YouTube supports the diversification of revenue streams and fosters community through initiatives like the Creator Collective.
  3. The Next Frontier: With over 1 billion hours watched daily on TV, YouTube focuses on subscriptions, boasting 8 million YouTube TV subscribers and over 100 million Music and Premium subscribers.
  4. Protecting the Creator Economy: YouTube prioritises responsible content management, ensuring a safe experience and combating misinformation, including adapting to challenges like deepfakes.

YouTube remains dedicated to enhancing user experiences and supporting its community of creators, viewers, advertisers, and partners. Learn more here.

Snapchat’s Anti-Social Media Movement

Snapchat has a new campaign that presents itself as the antidote to traditional social media issues, promoting authenticity over curated content. By emphasising its camera-centric approach and automatic content deletion, Snapchat aims to provide a more genuine sharing experience. Read the complete details here.

Catching Up with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is updating its app to split the “Network” tab into “Grow” and “Catch-Up” feeds. “Grow” focuses on new connections, while “Catch-Up” highlights conversation starters like work anniversaries. The app is also testing AI-powered message prompts for outreach. Get the deets here.

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