Social Snapshot — 20.03.2024

Get ready for another social snapshot! Each week, we recap the latest updates in social media to keep you in the know. Let’s jump straight into the highlights:

LinkedIn Celebrates a Year of Collaborative Articles

Collaborative articles on LinkedIn have thrived in just a year, boasting over 10 million contributions and a surge in readership. To elevate content quality, the platform refines prompts and introduces feedback mechanisms. Enhanced mobile experiences and language expansion foster deeper engagement with new search filters streamlining discovery. As LinkedIn evolves, it remains dedicated to empowering career growth through knowledge sharing. Read more here.

Meta Revolutionises Product Storytelling

Meta unveiled groundbreaking features in its Advantage+ suite, enabling advertisers to elevate storytelling through video, personalised recommendations, and dynamic formats. Expanded Shops ads, Reminder ads, and product tags enhance engagement and drive sales. Advanced analytics support retailers’ ad networks, empowering them to measure campaign impact effectively. With these AI-powered tools, Meta redefines advertising, delivering exceptional results globally. Read more here.

TikTok Enhances Creator Rewards

TikTok launched its enhanced Creator Rewards Program, rewarding original, high-quality content over one minute long. Creators must meet specific criteria, including 10K followers and 100K views in the last 30 days. The revamped dashboard offers deeper insights, while the new Creator Academy provides resources and personalised recommendations. These initiatives aim to support creators while maintaining a safe community. Read more here.

YouTube Releases AI Disclosure Tool

YouTube introduced a new Creator Studio tool requiring creators to disclose AI-generated content alterations. The aim is transparency and trust-building with viewers. Examples include altered faces and scenes, with exceptions for clearly unrealistic or inconsequential changes. Labels will appear on videos and in descriptions, with focus on sensitive topics. Enforcement measures may follow for consistent non-disclosure. YouTube collaborates with industry for transparency. An updated privacy process is in works for content removal requests. Overall, the goal is to empower creativity responsibly. Read more here.

Snapchat Embraces Indefinite Message Retention

Snapchat, known for its authentic social experience, now offers users the option to retain messages indefinitely on a per-conversation basis. This feature, responding to user feedback, adds flexibility to how users connect while preserving Snapchat’s core philosophy of ephemerality. Read more here.

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