Understanding the Social Tech C-suite

This is one audience tech brands want to reach. The audience where 70% are the decision makers and the rest influence the purchase. We took a look at who they are, what they talk about and what motivates them. And produced a report which digs into the detail to help brands understand what makes this…

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Understanding the Social CTO in 3 mins!

Tech brands are a social bunch. Socially savvy and active, you’ll see messages posted on social networks everywhere. But look closer at the content and it appears that very little of it is targeted at senior buyers who make or influence the purchase decisions. And that’s a HUGE missed sales opportunity! Our latest social report analysed social…

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Google Glasses – behind the glass

In the last couple of months the talk about Google Glasses has gone through the roof. We have seen it go from an idea for the future to the “must have” eye accessory at New York fashion week. The way we view the world is changing right in front our eyes. The Google Glasses concept…

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