There’s another streamer on the block

Since announcing partnerships with publishers out recently, and in the past testing a more Netflix-esque offering, Snapchat brings us news of Snap Originals.

Tapping into the lucrative reality show market which frequently gathers herds of young people who often morph into influencers, the new effort will be a dozen new self-produced shows new daily episodes users will subscribe to via the Discover tab. Plus, there are even going to be opportunities for users to “step in” to the show through VR.

And, yes, in case you’re wondering, there will be 6-second ads during an episode… non-skippable.

With other platforms also offering even more ways to consume video content (IGTV, Facebook Watch), it’s clear where the social platforms believe the market is heading.

OK, so why do we care?

Well, apart from that there’s another route to market for a specific target audience, this latest release from Snapchat will all be shot & viewed in vertical video format. It prompts us to ensure again that content creators are thinking about future-proofing their video content production by considering all the outputs required by channel, as online video increasingly means mobile video.

Take some extra time to plan and execute your video shoot – you might need to check your framing, you might need to think about whether the subtitles you’ll eventually add will fit on the screen, or how things will work if you’re including interviews with more than one person.

There’s a lot to think about – but we’re here to do the thinking, and planning, and filming, and editing, and… well, you get the picture!

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