Marketers struggle to create quality B2B social content

For the third year in a row, it seems the biggest challenge for B2B marketers is creating quality, engaging content on social.  

The research survey, conducted before the B2B social Trailblazers summit, is now available as a report: State of B2B Social media Marketing industry

With competition hotting-up on B2B social channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter, brands are looking to their content to perform better and grab buyer attention.

However, When it comes to content, 69% of B2B marketers claim their number one challenge is to do with the content creation process itself – an alarming stat considering 71% of B2B marketers’ biggest goal is brand awareness!

B2B social success is all about quality

The data reflects the growing need to deliver quality over quantity in social. There is a greater need for valuable content from thought leadership to entertaining / useful social posts. Marketers are prioritising thumb-stopping content to cut through the noise and be memorable to buyers.

Reviewing social posts from Tech firms reveals the majority of visuals were blue (often the same blue too) with very literal metaphors. So cloud computing visuals were blue with a cloud featuring. The challenge of course, is that the buyer becomes blind to this images. You have to deliver quality relevant content these days if you want success in social.

Katy Howell, CEO at Immediate future

More B2B benchmark stats can be found in the report (free to download) here

It comes as no surprise that 100% of B2B marketers are creating content on LinkedIn – LinkedIn, by nature, is a business networking platform – It is the platform to educate, influence and engage with prospective B2B buyers. 

A close second is Twitter, with 85% of B2B marketers creating Twitter content. Surprisingly, only 55% are creating blog content – a real missed opportunity for B2B marketers to educate their buyers on their own channels. 

The report goes into further detail on budgets, Influencer marketing and how to encourage exec and subject matter experts to do more on social.