Immediate Future Joins MSDUK as a Certified Ethnic Minority Business

Immediate Future Joins MSDUK as a Certified Ethnic Minority Business

We’re genuinely pleased to share that Immediate Future is now an MSDUK-certified Ethnic Minority Business. This step resonates deeply with our ethos of celebrating diverse voices in everything we do.

“The marketing world often echoes a homogenous viewpoint, and it’s rare to see an agency led by a woman of colour break these norms,” says Katy Howell CEO and founder of Immediate Future. “This certification is not just a badge; it’s a beacon of change. It represents our dedication to bringing diverse perspectives into every aspect of our work.”

Why Ethnic Minority Business makes sense

In an industry where diversity is still gaining ground, Immediate Future stands out. The agency has consistently demonstrated that diverse teams lead to more creative, inclusive, and effective social media marketing campaigns. This philosophy has not only garnered respect but has also delivered measurable success for its clients.

This certification underlines our ongoing efforts to embed diversity not just in our campaigns, but in our daily work life. It’s about enriching our perspective and strengthening our message – to ensure the content we create is as multifaceted as the audiences we engage with.

As we continue to navigate and shape the industry’s journey towards inclusivity, this moment marks a reaffirmation of our commitment to authentic, inclusive social media marketing that resonates with all.

“Our mission is to create social media marketing that resonates with everyone. This certification amplifies our ability to do so and encourages others in our industry to follow suit,” adds Howell.

As Immediate Future continues to lead by example, this certification as an Ethnic Minority Business by MSDUK is a crucial step in their journey to break the mould and create a more inclusive marketing world.