Social Snapshot — 24.01.2024

Social Snapshot — 24.01.2024

Are you ready for another social snapshot? Each week, we explore the latest trends in social media, saving you the hassle of searching for the most noteworthy moments. Let’s jump into the highlights:

LinkedIn Phases Out Lookalike Audiences

LinkedIn is ceasing the use of Lookalike Audiences as an ad targeting option on 29th February 2024. Advertisers are no longer able to create or edit these audiences, and existing ones will become static. LinkedIn recommends utilising “Predictive Audiences” and “Audience Expansion” as alternatives, placing greater emphasis on its tools. The alteration may affect advertisers, but the announcement offers detailed instructions for transitioning to the recommended alternatives. Read the details here.

Meta Launches Data Control Upgrades Ahead of DMA

Meta is introducing additional data control options for EU users ahead of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) enforcement in March. Users can now separate their Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger accounts, choosing to maintain isolated data for each platform. This move provides more control over personal information usage across Meta’s services, extending to Messenger, Facebook Marketplace, and Facebook Gaming. Additionally, EU users can opt for ad-free versions of Facebook and Instagram for a monthly fee, although this is facing legal challenges. The DMA aims to provide users with more choices and Meta is committed to complying with evolving European regulations. Learn more here.

Google Ads Embraces Conversational AI with Gemini Integration

Google is introducing its generative AI model, Gemini, to Google Ads, enabling a conversational experience for advertisers. The chatbot assists in building optimised Search campaigns by suggesting relevant ad content, including creatives and keywords. It leverages Google’s database to identify trending searches and user activity. The tool simplifies the SEO process, offering visual elements for custom visuals and marking generated images with watermarks and metadata for responsible AI use. Beta access is available to English-language advertisers in the U.S. and U.K., with a global rollout planned. Advertisers using the tool show a 42% higher likelihood of publishing campaigns with “Good” or “Excellent” Ad Strength. Google emphasises a bold and responsible AI approach with further updates expected. Find out more here.

X Unveils Interactive 2024 Marketing Calendar

X has recently released its 2024 marketing calendar, providing a straightforward and interactive overview of key dates and events for the year. The calendar allows users to tap on specific dates for relevant event details or scroll through a side listing. Filters enable users to narrow down results by country or category, and the full event listing is available for download. Despite its simplicity, the calendar serves as a handy centralised resource for campaign planning. Notably, X has incorporated an AI-generated header image for the first time in its marketing materials, adding an interesting element to the release. Access the full calendar here.

Rumours are swirling about the Threads app gearing up to unveil a post drafts feature, allowing users to save and edit their posts later. There’s also speculation that TikTok is experimenting with a 30-minute video upload option in its beta version, possibly extending its maximum post limits. Additionally, whispers suggest Snapchat+ subscribers might soon be able to incorporate AI-powered Bitmoji pets into the Snap Map, offering users a novel way to personalise their experiences.

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