What to post on LinkedIn – part 2 ✌️

What can you post on your organisation’s LinkedIn account? We’ve already talked about what kind of content you can share on LinkedIn as a brand (if you’ve missed that blog, don’t you worry! Here it is for you 😉). So, there are a few kinds of posts you can cover in your LinkedIn account, like blog posts, educational posts and polls. But…

What else can you post on LinkedIn? 🧐

➡️ Products or services promotion
You can post about the products or services your brand offers, making publications in which you directly show LinkedIn users what you sell. But be careful! Remember that you have to have variation. It is not about constantly selling cold calling.

❌ A very common mistake in companies that use social media is to publish posts dedicated only and exclusively to selling. Showing your products or services, doing an unboxing, putting offers and discounts… Which can be too “salesy” and, eventually, tiring for social media users. Especially when the potential customer is not ready to buy or does not trust the brand enough. That is why it is so important to vary the content and raise awareness to then fill up the marketing funnel (here you can learn how social plays an important role in every stage of the Customer Purchasing journey🤓).

➡️ Job offers
The job offers are one of those publications that do not fail and that, if you are actively looking for new staff, will definitely work. Tons of people are on LinkedIn looking for jobs and applying to hundreds of job openings every day. If you are a company and want to hire someone for your team, a good idea is to create a post from your profile, linking to the page where they can apply ✍️.

➡️ Experiences with clients
To finish up, another idea for posting content on LinkedIn is to talk about customer experience.

👉 Show the result of some work…
👉 Any testimonial or positive review…
👉 Post the start of a new project with a recent client…
👉 Your work process…

There are so many ways to prove your value to your potential customers! And this will help you build authority, as social proof from other happy customers will entice your LinkedIn audience to want to hire or buy from you too.

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