Turning B2B boring into B2B brave

Joining forces with Ericsson and Onalytica, immediate future is going LinkedIn Live to discuss how to stop the social boring and create content that is brave enough to grab attention and make you memorable.

There is simply no reason for B2B content grab attention, build credibility, and brand. Do this, nudge and nurture and the lead generation will follow. Tune in and you’ll learn…

  • Why it is not enough to just listen to your buyers on social. You also need to talk to your sales teams and customer success managers
  • Why you need to be memorable. Ask yourselves  “why” this matters to your audiences segments. There is a way to really drill down into the problem you want to solve. And we’ll share that
  • How you really get the most out of thought leadership and where your industry influencers play their part too

Join at https://www.linkedin.com/video/event/urn:li:ugcPost:6904757194177556480/