TV shows that all Marketers should watch

Most people watch TV shows as a way to relax after work, but some shows can actually inspire us to be better at our work.

Although watching shows is an unconventional way to reflect on your career and learn, these binge-worthy shows provide not just entertainment but inspiration too!

  1. Madmen

The award-winning show hold up because was vintage to begin with. Mad Men gives an immersive experience into the journey of an agency, related to the structure of how client interactions are done, and the entire creative process.

From the beginning, the show divulges the core of advertising, which is “making people happy”. This series offers great tips on how to pair strategies while earning customer happiness.

If you regret not seeing Mad Men at the height of its popularity, nothing’s lost.

  1. FYRE: The greatest party that never happened

Unsuccessful, Train wreck – whatever you want to call it!

A brilliant documentary describes the story of an entrepreneur who markets the Fyre festival as a luxury musical festival hosted on a private island.

This show offers marketers a cautionary tale of the dangers of over amping and underdelivering. However, the elements of marketing can inspire your own small business marketing.

  1. The social dilemma

A Netflix documentary that takes us behind the scenes of social media, providing a very interesting look at consumer psychology as it explores the darker side.

This documentary holds a lot of credibilities and features Facebook, Google, Mozilla and Twitter former employees who share their own thoughts on social media and how the platforms work to attract an audience, showing interest in understanding more about consumer and their different buying habits.

  1. Emily in Paris

There have been a lot of discussions about if the show has the right Marketing ideation.

Emily is assigned the task of bringing an American point of view to an illustrious French marketing firm.

Apart from the romance and being transported to the picturesque city of Paris, we can also learn several important marketing lessons, this American represents the Marketing department at a newly acquired French marketing firm called Savoir.

The importance of social media, building your own brand online, concept strategy and building up trust.

Emily says – “It is not just about followers, it is about content, trust, interest, and engagements.”

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