Spectacles’ Spectacular flop

Just when we thought 2017 couldn’t get any worse for Snap, turns out Spectacles are a commercial flop. Snap’s first attempt at creating a hardware product failed to excite customers past their initial purchase. Despite the initial hype, the company has sold only 150,000 pairs to date, and less than half of Spectacles owners kept…

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Shoppable Posts on Social

Social commerce is growing and shows no signs of stopping. eCommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce enable purchases through social platforms, which drastically changes the customer experience and customer journey in a multitude of ways. It’s simpler, quicker and easier than ever for us to discover products and make purchases through social media. Instagram has…

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Serious Social 25/10/17

We’ve settled in nicely to our new format, and we’ve got two new guests to impart social wisdom to the world. Our CEO, Katy Howell is talking to our MD, Colin Jacobs about tourist industry tweaks and 2018 holidays. Yes, it is only October. Catrina Burns shares her enthusiasm for an app that lets you…

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News hungry? The pros and cons of Facebook Explore feed

For a while now Facebook have been trying to address the fact that the individual users Newsfeed has, has become the most echoey echo chamber since Echo the dolphin started that fan site. As anyone is bound to notice users are served content from sources they follow, that usually reflect their own opinions and interests…

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PayPal & Facebook Messenger introduce peer-to-peer payments

Facebook and their updates are killing the social game at the moment; here are the details on Facebook’s latest push into the mobile commerce industry. Last year, PayPal’s initial partnership with Facebook messenger allowed customers to connect their accounts with Facebook and use PayPal to shop on messenger. This year, PayPal have recognised the shift…

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Twitter and LinkedIn are getting new video ad formats

With the near constant innovation we see from Facebook’s ad offering, it’s easy to forget that other social media platforms release new products from time-to-time. This week there have been two announcements that have got us excited, and they’re both about video. LinkedIn First up LinkedIn is FINALLY testing a video ad format that will…

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Scroll and Save for Later

Scrolling through our social feeds has become routine to us, but it’s also something we do to pass the time. Wake up, scroll. Boring commute, scroll. You might feel like you’ve missed out on something today if you haven’t checked the latest Tweets, scrolled through Instagram or checked your Facebook notifications. We use social media…

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