TikTok Festivities

As itā€™s less than a month until Christmas, it only seems right to write a festive-inspired blog and get everyone in the holiday spirit šŸŽ„ This week, TikTok launched a holiday playbook for small businesses, to help with marketing plans ahead of this yearā€™s holiday season. Although the platformā€™s been around for a few years,…

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We are all in this socially together.

With the groundbreaking election taking place across the pond, we are reminded to vote and to share with others the importance of voting through our social channels. Platforms are giving us factual information, and sometimes something creative to show support. These sort of social media events have been going on for years now, but this…

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Facebook ā€“ Helping Support Small Businesses

  Facebook has been slowly rolling out a set of features that will help small and medium sized business that have been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.Ā  These include a ā€œSupport Small Businessā€ sticker for Instagram which not only allows users to share a business profile, but it also displays the three latest thumbnails from…

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Social Snapshot – 08.04.20

As we head into a short couple of weeks here in the UK there is no stopping the social platforms. They are supercharged. Delivering better formats, greater functionality and some interesting innovations. It isnā€™t likely to stop over Easter, either. Seems there are redesigns and rumoured launches aplenty ā€“ with a few sneak previews. Read…

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TikTok: socially distant yet bridging the gap

Letā€™s get something straight. I am not and havenā€™t been a teenager in a LONG time. So if you think my foray into TikTok indicates poor judgement, youā€™re probably right (face-palm). Writing this post, I find I’m conversing with myself, debating the ethics of meddling in social platforms traditionally geared at younglings, which I cannot…

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Positive brand stories amid COVID-19

Another day, another dose of daily doom and gloom – on the TV that is. Switch to social and thereā€™s a whole host of heart-warming acts of kindness, people pulling together to help those in need and a steady stream of informative info to combat harmful rumours. And at the heart of this, despite dealing…

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Best practice: social copy lengths

When it comes to curating content for your social channels, itā€™s important to consider the best posting times, copy lengths, posting frequency and the type of content that suits your audience. There is no ā€˜one size fits allā€™ rule, so what may work for one brand, may not work for another. Ultimately, you must create…

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5 ways to be more creative in social media

Itā€™s the battle weā€™re all fighting; how do we cut through the noisy opportunity presented by Social Media? On the one hand, we know our target audiences are there and primed to be engaged. On the other hand, the sheer numbers present a hurdle many arenā€™t aware of. The travel industry, for example, has more…

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