A Pinteresting new feature for promoting apps

Pinterest is now letting brands promote apps on their walls via the platform’s self-serve platform and API partners. The update means iOS users can now download apps to their mobiles within Pinterest, without being redirected to the app store. Although it is fairly new, the feature has already been beta tested with around 100 brands,…

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Introducing Facebook Live….Location

Facebook Live Location has been introduced this week, Facebook’s new location tracking feature.   Facebook has had security and privacy issues in the past with people being unaware of their location services being on, particularly with the ‘Nearby Friends’ function that launched in 2014. Facebook Live Location offers a similar function, but has much more security, and…

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7 Ways To Improve your Live Streaming

Regular blog readers and viewers of our #60SecondSocial Twitter videos, will know we’re fans of live streaming; and understandably so, when you consider Facebook are giving boosts to Facebook Live broadcasts. Usually, Organic Facebook content reaches less than 1% of your audience, but the ‘is live’ and ‘was live’ alerts, mean a greater sum of…

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60 Second Social 27/03/2017

The prime suspect in #60SecondSocial this week is LinkedIn. The Sales Navigator has been beefed up with an enterprise plan, CRM syncing, and PointDrive integration, tapping into its user base of more than 465 million professionals. We haven’t forgotten about Instagram, who introduced two-factor authentication & Facebook who have designed yet another ad format, with the intention of…

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10 Business Advantages of Social Media

No one wants to feel like they’re missing out, right?… So, there are virtually no reasons not to implement social media into your marketing strategy, and since it is so cost-effective, there is hardly anything to lose.  It’s most likely that your competition is already on social media, so don’t let them take your potential…

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3 smart ways social intelligence informs your wider marketing

Did you know that social media data can predict the weather? According to a study from Warwick Research, social photos and key words in posts can be used to predict extreme weather. Using these social sensors, alongside meteorological information, the social chatter improves forecasting with eye-witness details that determine the weather with more precision than…

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Is your social bold enough?

Everyone loves a good joke, that’s not a secret. But humour can seem risky when it comes to brand image – especially when it’s yours. Sure, on more than one occasion, a company has pushed it a little too far and got misunderstood by its audience (doing it can also be a way to make…

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