Social Snapshot – 10.04.19

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the fast-moving world of social media, which is why we’ve brought to you a round-up of the latest updates and tips from the industry! Keep on scrolling for your latest fix…   Snapchat launches updated, faster Android version. Snapchat has released an updated version of the app…

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How to target Generation Z through social media

Generation Z, the ‘new generation’ – your new consumer. They’re tech-savvy, have grown up with social media, and they care.   For companies to stay ahead of the game, it is important to understand your consumer, and potential new consumers. Whether you’re already targeting them, or you’re looking to move towards this demographic, here are…

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April Fool’s Day round-up

We bloomin’ love April Fools Day! It’s a fun chance for brands to get fun and a bit naughty. And what better place to shout about it than social? Here’s a round-up of some of our faves from this week. Mission Foods announced the launch of Tablecloth MEGA wraps 🤣 Princess Cruises shared a familiar constellation…

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Influencer marketing can really power up your social media strategy providing you build relationships with the right influencers. Ask yourself are you following or considering the recommendations below before you embark on your activity. 7 top tips to work with influencers: Know your audience: Every successful influencer marketing collaboration starts with knowing the audience the brand wants to…

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Social Snapshot – 03.04.19

Fallen behind on the past week’s news? Fear not, we’re here for you with a roundup of the best updates and tips that we want to shout about 📢   Instagram tests letting you scroll through videos. REWIND! #Instagram seems to be testing out a seek bar which allows users to scroll through videos 🎞…

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Instagram set to hit the rewind button

With all the algorithm changes, updates and technical twists being rolled out week to week, the big players in the world of social media ensure we are constantly on our toes. These changes may not always be game-changing, but every now and then something comes along which promises to send Twitter into a viral frenzy.…

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#Trashtag – the hashtag for greater good

  From the Mannequin Challenge, in which groups of people remained motionless in videos, to the recent Microwave Challenge, in which people slowly turn while sat on the floor, social media challenges seem to exist purely to inspire hashtags and a bit of fun. After years of ridiculous challenges, (remember “planking”?!) there’s finally one that’s…

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Social Snapshot – 20.03.19

Another news-filled week has passed, so here we are… bringing you a roundup of the best articles we just want to shout about. Stay with us and we’ll get you up to speed with the latest happenings in social in no time!   Twitter to introduce a ‘subscribe to conversation’ feature. Twitter is working…

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Why we need to rethink ROI on social media

The ROI on a brand’s social media activity is one of the most debated, most interesting, and often the biggest conversations we have with our clients.   Let us explain what we mean…   We know consumers use social media platforms for learning more about products and retailers and reading product reviews. For brands and…

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