Social Snapshot – 13.03.19

Another week, another snapshot. We’ve rounded up the best articles for you in one place, so you don’t have to go anywhere else! Read on for platform updates, channel reports and ways to help you improve your social strategy…   Does interest tagging on Facebook increase traffic? After Facebook promised that interest tagging would…

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Who cares what you think?

Consumers want authenticity, they need to trust you – so if you’re only including well-crafted, heavily branded content in your social media plan, you’re on to a loser. Marketers do a great job, no, really they do. Juggling the need to engage with followers and fans, build brand trust and household penetration in the long term,…

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Facebook Messenger now has a secret ‘dark mode’

  Dark mode has been around for a while now with a number of apps and operating systems offering it as an option. Some people generally just prefer the design while others suggest their battery lasts longer by using it. One thing that’s undeniable is that it’s just a lot more comfortable when using it…

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Social Snapshot – 06.03.19

Well, what a great start to March it has been already! It’s hard to keep up when there are updates being released every day, so we’re here to lend a helping hand. We’ve rounded up the best articles for you in one place so you don’t have to go anywhere else ☺️   Facebook’s added…

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Social Media Industry Benchmarks – Where Do You Fit In?

Success on social media differs for everyone. Something we deem as successful may be viewed differently to someone else, and we all have various strategies to lead us to our victory.   Everyone can agree that high engagement rates prove your content has been effective, but which social platform does your audience engage the most…

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What Makes A Killer Social Media Content Strategy?

  At the heart of your social media strategy are two things – your audience and content. By not putting the effort and time into producing valued and engaging social media content that will motivate your audience, you will be left feeling extremely frustrated with your results.   Thankfully it isn’t an extremely complex process but…

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Social Snapshot – 27.02.19

  Snapshot time! In a week filled with news, it’s hard to keep up… which is where we come in. We’ve rounded up the best articles for you in one place so you don’t have to go anywhere else!   Users can now apply to be part of Twitter’s beta test group and get a…

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Social Snapshot – 20.02.19

Another week has passed, which means one thing… time for another social snapshot! This week we are bringing you a variety of content; channel reports, platform updates and ways to help you improve your social strategy. We’re always here to help!   10 Instagram tools you need in 2019. Looking to improve your Instagram,…

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