Becoming Active Participants in Social Media Content

  In this current state of lockdown and self-isolation, brands have embraced the use of more profound and impactful interaction with their communities and fan bases over social media. Lately, we’ve seen a lot of brands using techniques that involve and engage their users; requesting them to ‘tap’ on gif to reveal what mood they’re…

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AR and VR brought to you by Facebook!

      Facebook recently had a showcase event in which they provided an overview of their latest advances in VR and AR which include;   Project Aria   Facebook’s take on ‚Äúsmart glasses‚ÄĚ ‚Äď which, by the way, will be a pair of Ray Ban‚Äôs – is currently being tested by employees to iron…

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Your B2B content is desperate to be used

The B2B landscape is an interesting one. There‚Äôs a common misconception that B2B organisations are low on usable content, but it‚Äôs simply not true. The landscape is actually flush with more information and eye-catching, challenging content than perhaps a lot of businesses realise. What do I have right now? Think back to the white papers…

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The audience you want versus the audience you have

‚ÄėThe audience you want, versus the audience you have.‚Äô It sounds like a jargon fuelled line you‚Äôd hear in a Harry Enfield comedic skit featuring the character of a cheesy marketing exec spewing lingo to make themselves look good. However, the ‚Äėloadsamoney-esque‚Äô dialogue is an important strategic facet of social media marketing and is key…

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